Fountains and

     Chimneys, foundry
     slab and Stoves

     XVIIIth Century      Quarry tiles

     Cobbles, paving,
     and stone

     Roman tiles

     Girders and

     Doors, Front gates
     and windows


     Frames and

     Pressing sheds

     Rainlings made
     with wrought iron

     City planning :      Gyratories

     Farm equipment

     Special Offers




- Version française -


10.000 beautiful pieces of constructions
6.000 m2
of permanent exhibition

At your disposal :

1000 old doors

200 stone basins and fountains

100 wrought iron front gates, fences and ornamental elements

XVIIIth century baked clay tiles


Pillars, vaults,
wine-presses, carts,
paving stones, framing stones,
oak and fir beams, curved tiles,

For 55 years we have been saving thousands of beautiful objects from destructions, all gathered on our exhibition place in Meyrin, close to Geneva Airport.